Last weekend, I went to see Resident Evil 4, mainly because I kind of liked the first 3 and of course because I just can’t pass a movie by that has Milla Jovovich in it…

First of all, it was only shown in 3D, so I had to watch it with those silly glasses (on top of my other glasses).

Some movies profit from 3D and some don’t. Resident Evil 4 belongs to the second category. Ok, there were some of the obvious “throw in your face” effects, but overall, it seems that they had to sacrifice too much in order to make it work in 3D. A quite shallow depth of field and some focusing and background weirdness did not help the film along, really. I won’t go into a rant about 3D here, that belongs into another post which I WILL write later.

Anyway, back to RE4… the story is as thin as you would expect. Good guys on one side, bad guys on the other, fighting until most of the good guys and all of the bad guys are dead. I imagine it is kind of annoying to be playing “that guy who is just there to die gruesomely after X minutes”. But of course I didn’t go to see the movie because I expected a beautifully told story with depth and character development. I went to see things blow up, be chopped up and killed in various ways as well as seeing beautiful women run around in silly outfits. And, what can I say, that part was delivered fully.

Some people hate slow motion scenes, some such as I absolutely love them. For me, the scene in the shower of the prison was one of the most noteworthy ones of the movie. Having two good looking warrior-chicks go up against a relatively indestructible big bad ass with a ginormous axe is just my thing.

The main expectation I had of this movie was to be entertained. This it delivered on nicely. Won’t win an Oscar though.