I went to watch “eat pray love”, the now movie with Julia Roberts the other day. After having read some rather crushing reviews, my expectations were quite low.

But, I do have to admit, I was positively surprised. While Julia Roberts plays a woman who I found slightly annoying throughout the movie, my overall impression was not half as bad as the reviews suggested.

Are the Italians and Indians in the movie stereotypes? Mostly… but so are the Americans (i.e. Julia’s and that Texan guy).

At the beginning of the movie, Julia prays to God saying she’s in real trouble… I don’t think the person writing the script has every seen real trouble. She has a mild case of materialism or a midlife crisis maybe, but real trouble? Yeah right…

As such, the premises of the movie are somewhat unbelievable, but is is a nice and charming movie about a clueless woman getting one (a clue that is).